ChangeLog for optiSLang inside ANSYS Workbench up to Version 5.0

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Version 5.0.1

  • Preprocessor supports geometry files
  • Allow criteria recalculation in sensitivity analysis
  • Several corrections in design point creation
  • MOP: Reverted merging of parameters to version 4.2.2

Version 5.0.0

  • Support for ANSYS Release 17.0
  • Design Export (of WB Design Table)
  • Design Import (to WB Design Table)
  • Wizards
    - Sensitivity wizard
       • Decision tree introduced
    - Optimization wizard
       • Option Local search generalized
       • Algorithm Memetic moved to group "Nature inspired"
       • Validation of best design also for multi objective permitted
    - Robustness & Reliability wizard
       • Decision tree introduced
  • Algorithms
    - MOP
       • Next generation of MOP is default
       • Consider correlated inputs in single CoPs
       • Possibility to adapt bounds to sampling
       • Results based on "Leave One Out" testing are now indicated as predictive Coefficient of Determination
    - Sensitivity
       • New option to Preserve start design IDs
    - Optimization
       • Mutation rate of Evolutionary Algorithm is adapted w.r.t. number of input parameters
       • Gradient estimate of NLPQL can handle failed designs
    - Robustness
       • New option to Preserve start design IDs
    - Reliability
       • Directional sampling can handle failed designs
       • ISPUD uses Latin Hypercube Sampling at design point
  • Postprocessing
    - Added automatic update on omdb file change
    - Added Probability plot
    - Added Residual Plot - Selection of possible Outliers
    - Added Parameter overview plot
    - Added Window Overview
    - Added support for analysis defined design sets
    - Better support for multi-objective optimization
    - Registered images and processes are now stored within omdb file
    - Meta-data like activated/selected designs is stored within omdb file
    - Metamodels and special analysis information are removed from omdb file when saving a reduced dataset
  • Licensing
    - Restructuring of license features

Version 4.2.2

  • Support for ANSYS Release 16.1
  • More than 64 simultaneous designs can be submitted now
  • Advanced python update for a customized updating the Table of Design Points
  • Robustness wizard provides also Reliability algorithms
  • Introduce of Reevaluation wizard (Beta option)
  • New 'network access' options for communication with optiSLang Workbench Node
  • Communication via TCP/UDP is disabled by default
  • Estimation of total time is shown during saving a project
  • Show file filter during update is possible now
  • Postprocessing

    • Introduced new, python-based postprocessing, replacing the classic postprocessing of reliability analysis and approximation (MOP):
      - Improved accessibility and usability
      - Incorporates python scripting (including but not limited to):
         • Python console
         • Supplied default scripts for common postprocessing tasks
         • Generation of custom postprocessing tasks
         • Dynamic creation, configuration and export of postprocessing plots
         • Postprocessing plot layouting
         • Modification of postprocessing meta-data like design selection/activation and axis selection
           (can be stored within postprocessing database)
         • Property-based animations (animate your meta-models)
    • Introduced combined postprocessing node for classic and python-based postprocessing:
      - One node and dialog for all postprocessing files and modes
      - Custom postprocessing mode for user-defined scripts (report-generator)

Version 4.2.1

  • Includes all changes of Version 4.2.0 SP1
  • New main menu entries
    - "Design Import": Imports designs from database file (*.bin/*.omdb) to ANSYS Workbench design table
    - "Design Export": Exports designs from ANSYS Workbench design table to a database file (*.bin/*.omdb)
  • Preprocessor supports CFX-files (*.gtm)

Version 4.2.0 SP1

  • Support of ANSYS Workbench 16.0
  • Creating diagnostic output file for investigation of abnormal termination (Windows-only)
  • Signal Processing: support of custom input types
  • Signal Processing: option "Always Include in Design Point Update" is initially activated

Version 4.2.0

  • optiSLang Postprocessor (ETK in Workbench)
  • Support of non-officially ANSYS Workbench 16 preview 4: optiSLang inside ANSYS Workbench can be installed optionally for this preview version
  • Python update: Possibility to handle multiple update commands in one script

Version 4.1.3

  • NEW optiSLang Postprocessor (ETK in Workbench)
    - access output parameters which are not accessible via ANSYS Workbench, e.g. data which is not supported like vectors, signals, matrices,
    - use powerful optiSLang calculator functionality to derive scalar values and register them in ANSYS Workbench Parameter Set,
    - use parameterized values to set up calibration tasks through optiSLang inside ANSYS Workbench

Version 4.1.2

  • Embed preference system in ANSYS preferences
  • Select files to be copied in design directory
  • Select Update Error bahavior
  • Filtering of log messages
  • Support of installation of different optiSLang Inside ANSYS versions - including version switching application in Start menu
  • Windows XP support discontinued
  • Algorithms
    - Sensitivity: new sampling method Box Behnken
  • Postprocessing
    - No implicit restart when updating
    - Speed up for large files containing vectors of variable sizes
    - Allow to change auto focus behavior
    - Parallel Coordinates Plot
       • Design de-/activation
       • User defined line colors
       • User defined dimension ranges (active, original or custom)

Version 4.1.1

  • Support of ANSYS Workbench 15.0

Version 4.1.0

  • Auto-Repair Project
  • Support of all RSM modes (incl. Save Design Points)
  • Support of ANSYS Workbench 15.0 (preview)
  • Conditional expression
  • Reworked Run, Open and Reset dialogs
  • Parametric Systems
    - Input Correlations
    - Parameter bounds relative to reference value
    - Copy designs from result table into ANSYS Workbench designtable
  • Algorithms
    - Simplex
    - Optionally show algorithm log messages
    - Multiselection in MOP dialog
    - Improved NLPQL default settings
  • Postprocessing
    - new legend of 3-5D bubble plot (Statistics and Pareto mode)
    - ARSM R2 history
    - Coloring incomplete designs in Parallel coordinates plot
    - User settings for Traffic light plot
    - (Beta Feature) Parallel Coordinates Plot: More functionality for Cluster
    Version 4.0.7
  • Bugfixes
    - ARSM: "Continue crashed session" mode fixed
    - ARSM: fixes broken bin-file in particular parameter configuration
    - Replace project problem solved
    - Load failure for Geometry component during Addin load time fixed
    - Use 64bit archives to avert a crash when saving big projects
    Version 4.0.6
  • Beta option: optiSLang Preprocessor
  • Save and load supported does not require license
  • Save design point directories works with RSM
  • Write startset.bin before sampling starts evaluation
  • Several bugfixes
    Version 4.0.5
  • All improvements of optiSLang stand-alone v4.0.5
  • Linux version
  • Maximum runtime
    It is now possible to choose a maximum runtime of an ANSYS Workbench job. If the job takes longer due to e.g. meshing or converging problems optiSLang will terminate it and continue with the next designs
  • Incomplete designs
    Even if studies of a design could not be successfully completed, optiSLang inside Workbench can handle these incomplete designs, continue the analysis and provide a well adapted postprocessing.
  • Abort & Interrupt
    You can now choose between both options if you want to cancel your analysis.
    Version 4.0.4
  • support of ANSYS Workbench 14.5
  • Unified installer
  • optiSLang inside ANSYS Workbench for ANSYS installation from 14.0
  • optiPlug for ANSYS installation from 13.0
  • optiPlug
  • Licensing removed for all ANSYS versions
  • Parameter Modification
  • Synchronization between ANSYS and optiSLang parameter
  • Autosave - for each design
  • Compressed view of systems
  • All Parameter and Criteria properties can be found in the
    algorithm dialog now.
  • "Other" tab on each algorithm dialog offering options for working directory, binfile writing, postprocessing and evaluation. Especially, Don't solve violated input constraints / Don't solve duplicated designs / Don't solve start designs
  • "Start designs" tab for Sensitivity and Robustness dialog to enable adding samples to the previous set of samples
  • Working directory (*.opd) stored next to the project file
  • Update Postprocessing - concerning Bubble Plot, Parallel Coordinate Plot, Design Table
    Version 4.0.2
  • RSM Mode
  • Autosave
  • Continue Crashed Analysis
  • Continue Saved Projects
  • Dependent Parameter
  • Enable Update via Python Script
    Version 4.0.1
  • Handle Failed Designs
  • Validate Best Design
  • Finalize Systems
  • MOP on reduced dataset
    Version 4.0.0
  • initial revision


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