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Application Workshops

Optimiziation of turbo machinery

Instructors: Dr.-Ing. Johannes Einzinger (ANSYS Germany GmbH), M.Eng. Markus Wagner (Dynardo GmbH)

  • Overview of Simulating Turbomachines
  • Basic and advanced process integration (automation)
  • Parametrization of Turbomachines
  • optiSLang methods in the course of time - from operating point to performance map analyses

Combining functional optimization with costs

Instructors: M.Sc. Alexander Fuchs (Robert Bosch GmbH), Dr.-Ing. Johannes Will (Dynardo GmbH)

  • Coupling to costs of material, production, quality management and market conditions
  • Combining functional optimization and cost optimization using metamodels
  • Building the workflows in optiSLang
  • Customer examples

Optimization of electric drives

Instructors: Philipp Siehr (CADFEM GmbH), Nicolas Rivière (Motor Design Ltd), Dipl.-Phys. Markus Stokmaier (Dynardo GmbH)

  • Integrating ANSYS Electronics Desktop with optiSLang
  • Parallel and simultaneous execution with DSO and HPC
  • Motor case study: minimizing torque ripple
  • Motor case study: Pareto optimization on MOP
  • HFSS/ Simplorer

Data mining and metamodeling for digital twins

Instructors: Teresa Alberts (ITficient), Dr. David Schneider (Dynardo GmbH)

  • Introduction to digital twins
  • Digital twins and simulation in operation
  • Data analysis for digital twins
  • Surrogate models for digital twins
  • Application scenarios
  • Business models


June 7, 2019

congress centrum neue weimarhalle, seminar building

8:30 am - 10 am (The individual workshops will take place in parallel.)

A conference registration is required for participating in these workshop. For registration just indicate in the online form if you basically want to participate in a workshop.