Proceedings of the 16th Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2019

Session 1: Artificial Intelligence in CAE EN DE
Navin Budhiraja (ANSYS)
ANSYS Cloud and Platform Strategy
No Approval
Thomas Most (Dynardo GmbH)
Artificial intelligence and machine learning - state of the art and application in Computer-Aided Engineering
Kevin Cremanns (PI Probaligence GmbH)
Deep Gaussian Covariance Network - machine learning based on probabilistic intelligence
Sebastian Wolff (Dynardo Austria GmbH)
Recent Development and Applications of Statistics on Structures (SoS)
Session 2: Simulation Workflow Management EN DE
David Schneider (Dynardo GmbH)
Recent Development and Applications of optiSLang
Anke Jäger (Daimler AG)
CAE_AutoWorkflow: a framework based on optiSLang for the automated build-up of simulation workflows using the example of passenger car aerodynamics
Daniel Krätschmer (Robert Bosch GmbH)
Democratization of CAE-Workflows with optiSLang at Bosch
Friederike Loerke (Robert Bosch GmbH)
Virtual Assembly Line inside an optiSLang SPM system at Bosch
Session 3: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) EN DE
Günther Hasna (ANSYS OPTIS GmbH)
ANSYS Optis for Lighting Simulation and as Platform for ADAS/AV-Systems
Julian King (ZF Friedrichshafen AG)
A benchmark of reliability methods for assisted and autonomous driving
No Approval
Maximillian Rasch (Daimler AG)
Simulative validation of automated driver assistance systems using reliability analysis
Martin Niessner (Infineon Technologies AG)
Controlling the solder joint reliability of eWLB packages in automotive RADAR applications using a design for reliability approach
Session 4: Optimization of Rotating Machines EN DE
Michel Noaparast (Grundfos)
Performance-based Tolerance Specification for Production of a Centrifugal Pump Impeller using Simulated Performance Data
Johannes Einzinger (ANSYS Germany)
Sensitivity analysis of a turbo compressor with physical parameterization
Lorenz Jaenicke (IHI Charging Systems International GmbH)
Optimization of a thrust bearing for turbochargers
Keine Freigabe
Parallel Session 5A: Robust Design Optimization 1 EN DE
Bence Rochlitz (Mecuris GmbH)
Individual Optimization of a New 3D-printed Prosthetic Foot
Aaron Widera (Math2Market GmbH)
Digital 3D reconstruction from 2D scan of a li-ion cathode
Maria Friedrich (ifw - Günter-Köhler-Institut für Fügetechnik und Werkstoffprüfung GmbH)
Understanding and Optimization of ultra-short pulse laser ablation of technical ceramics based on experimental data
Roberto Knoth (LightTrans International UG)
Design and optimization strategy of coupling gratings for near-eye displays
Parallel Session 5B: Electrical machines and characteristics EN DE
Pierre Millithaler (Schaeffler Automotive Buehl GmbH & Co. KG)
Duty-cycle-based e-machine optimization
No approval
Daniel Turnwald (Rheinmetall Automotive AG)
Workflow zur Integration von Ansys Maxwell in optiSLang mittels AEDT-Knoten am Beispiel eines magnetischen Ventilaktuators
No approval
Markus Lenz (Festo AG & Co. KG)
Optimization of a magnetically prestressed valve actuator
Rolf Johannes (EagleBurgmann Germany GmbH & Co. KG)
From design point to performance map based seal design
Session 6: Robust Design Optimization 2 EN DE
Christian Hugel (Hilite Germany GmbH)
Optimization of an actuators magnetic force with optiSLang
Johannes Krebs (Hilite Germany GmbH)
optiSLang in functional development of hydraulic valves
Peter Langer (Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed AG & Co. KG)
A law of propulsion/motion for an elastic mechanism - how can I come up with
Workshops, Friday, June 7 EN DE
Optimierung von Turbomaschinen pdf  
Kombinieren von Funktions- und Kostenoptimierung pdf  
Optimierung von elektrischen Antrieben pdf  
Data Mining und Metamodellierung für Digitale Zwillinge pdf  
WOST Info Day: Production-ready optical design EN DE
Ervand Kandelaki (CADFEM GmbH)
Optische Simulation unter thermo-mechanischen Einflüssen
Bernd Büttner (Dynardo GmbH)
Robustness analyses under consideration of manufacturing tolerances for opto-mechanical systems
Günther Hasna (ANSYS OPTIS GmbH)
ANSYS SPEOS Robust Optical Design through Multiphysics Simulation
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