Webinar: Introduction to Parametric Optimization and Robustness Evaluation with optiSLang

This webinar will provide you with an introduction to the possibilities of optiSLang regarding a sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation of processes and systems. You will get an overview of conducting a parametric analysis and the result evaluation. In this context, methods will be explained how a simulation model can be integrated and analyzed in optiSLang.

During a parametric optimization, simulation models are modified based on the defined parameters until a predetermined optimization goal is achieved. In this variant study, constraints often have to be considered. By means of a sensitivity analysis, you are able to identify the key variables and their optimization potential. With the help of a robustness analysis, you have the opportunity to quantify uncertainties and derive appropriate measures.


1. Process Integration

  • Implementation of a simulation model into optiSLang within ANSYS Workbench
  • Integration of text-based input and output files to be executed with ANSYS APDL
  • Other integration options such as Excel, Matlab, Abaqus and SimulationX

2. Sensitivity Analysis

  • Definition of parameter ranges of the optimization variables
  • Analysis of the design space with design of experiments
  • Assessment of the correlation between optimization and response variables
  • Evaluation of the potential for optimization and adherence to the constraints

3. Parametric Optimization

  • Definition of optimization objectives and constraints
  • Fast pre-optimization using surrogate models from the sensitivity analysis
  • Final optimization using direct model calculations

4. Robustness Evaluation

  • Definition of scattering input variables
  • Robustness evaluation of the optimal design
  • Conducting a stochastic analysis
  • Evaluation of robustness as well as the influence of scattering variables



Dr.-Ing. Veit Bayer

to be announced
Please register not later than 1 day prior to the event date.


9-10 am and 5-6 pm (local time-Berlin)

no fee