Webinar: Introduction to Statistics on Structures

The webinar will introduce you to the user interface of SoS, the capabilities in numerical analysis and the graphical post-processing utilising a practical example from sheet metal forming.

Production tolerances, material scatter, random loads as well as other random influences cause random properties of structures or structural parts, which are often spatially distributed on the structure.

With SoS it is possible to plot the random structural properties, i.e. plots of standard deviations, quantiles and many other properties, directly on the finite element structure. Within the robustness assessment of a structure, it is possible to check for tolerances and to localize “hot spots” of high scatter.

The spatially random data can be decomposed into a series of scatter shapes and associated random amplitudes. Further statistical analysis in optiSLang helps to reveal the relations to the scattering input of the process and to analyze the cause of scatter.



Dipl.-Ing. Christopher Zechmeister

to be announced
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9-10 am and 4-5 pm (local time-Berlin)

no fee