Training: multiPlas for ANSYS

multiPlas for ANSYS provides the essential material models for FE-calculations in the fields of civil engineering, geomechanics as well as structural mechanics. The seminar will explain the functionality of models for masonry, ceramics, soil, rock, sand, concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, wood, mortar and stone.

The material models are based on elasto-plastic flow criterion with associated and non-associated flow rules. For FEM calculations in ANSYS, multiPlas has an efficient and robust algorithm for the proceeding of single and multi surface plasticity. Special feature of the material models is the interconnection of  which can be combined in numerous ways by the user.


  • Installation / Using multiPlas
  • Theory of multiPlas-material models in ANSYS, basics in theory of plasticity and numerical application
  • multiPlas material models
  • Application of multiplas, descriptions of commands
  • Modelling of concrete and reinforced concrete in ANSYS and multiPlas
  • Modelling of rock and soil in ANSYS and multiPlas
  • Modelling of Masonry and timber in ANSYS and multiPlas
  • Examples of varification
  • User interface: usermpls

In addition to the basic training, the following update information will be announced:

  • New algorithms to improve convergence
  • Integration into ANSYS Workbench
  • New concrete model (Menetrey-Willam)
  • New Cam-clay model >>>
  • Material models brittle materials (e.g. ceramics)
  • New Armstrong-Frederick model for cycle loaded material >>>


Employee Dynardo GmbH

to be announced
Please register not later than 14 days prior to the event date.

2 Days Seminar
1st day: from 9am-5pm
2nd day: from 9am-4pm

5 to 8 participants 

1,000 Euro (excluding VAT)

50% for students
30% for university members / PHD's

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