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optiSLang Research Licenses for Universities

As an integral part of your training and research you can use optiSLang with special conditions.

Methods of optimization and stochastic analysis are key components of successful virtual product development in the 21st century. Gaining knowledge about these methods and their integration into the process chain represents an attractive advantage in the development practice. It is therefore essential to integrate sensitivity analysis, multidisciplinary optimization, reliability analysis, robustness assessment and robust design optimization (RDO) into training programs. In regard to this topic, with optiSLang you will teach your students and graduates practice-oriented state-of-the-art technology.


  • Complete functional package for robustness evaluation and reliability analysis
  • Optimization of non-linear tasks with practical defaults
  • Combining of optimization and robustness analysis for robust design optimization
  • Sensitivity analysis in large parameter spaces
  • Full range of algorithms for optimization and stochastic analysis and their continuous development
  • Competent support

Special Offer

In order to provide methods of optimization and stochastic analysis to become an integral part of training and research, we offer optiSLang licenses to public educational institutions for 10% of the standard purchase or leasing price.

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Free optiSLang version for students

Dynardo supports you in your studies, bachelor's, master's or doctoral thesis with a marketing license (full version).

  • For non-commercial use as part of your studies at a university, we offer students the free use of our software optiSLang.
  • The period of validity is 6 months and can be extended up to 6 months if required.
  • The student will be obliged to submit a publication presenting the use of optiSLang, for example, at the Weimar Optimization and Stochastiktagen (WOST) or at the CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference (CASCON).
  • The presentation can have the form of a scientific lecture, article or poster, and can be used by Dynardo for marketing purposes.


Please provide a brief description of your thesis as well as a valid certificate of matriculation.

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