SoS Plugin for ANSYS WB

Statistics on Structures offers a plugin for ANSYS Mechanical. You can use it

  • to create geometric variations with a synthetic random field model,
  • to create geometric variations with a free-form variation model or
  • to export any result data to SoS.

For the creation of geometric variations, the plugin can access the mesh and named selections from ANSYS. You can define the statistical parameters via the ANSYS GUI. The visualization of ANSYS Mechanical is used to display the scatter shapes or the resulting geometry change as a color plot. The resulting geometry can be displayed via the RST file in ANSYS Mechanical. The parameters of the random field models can either be modified manually or made available via the ANSYS Workbench parameter set in optiSLang for variation purposes.

The data export serves to prepare the mesh and the data for parts of the structure in a format suitable for SoS. The data can then be very easily imported into SoS and be evaluated for statistical analysis or for the creation of an FMOP.


SoS is sold worldwide. A list of our distributors can be found here.

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