Statistical hot spot detection and visualization

Critical locations cannot always be clearly determined on the basis of a single simulation. This is particularly the case when the position of the maximum jumps or slowly changes its position. In this case, a statistical analysis can help. SoS provides a variety of statistical functions whose results can be displayed in 3D, e.g.:

  • Encapsulating (lower and upper) value limits
  • Mean, standard deviation, variance
  • Linear correlations and CoD with respect to input parameters
  • Non-linear sensitivity indices with respect to input parameters (F-CoP)
  • quantile values, k*sigma values and exceedance probabilities for fixed limit values
  • Cp, Cpk statistics
  • Standard error for mean value and variance
  • Frequency of cracks

You can use a script to make your own evaluations.

Practical auxiliary functions allow the simple selection of extreme points with regard to certain robustness measures. The selected points can be extracted for all DOE designs for further processing in optiSLang or Excel.

Different visualization modes and various configuration options round off post-processing. The user can choose between different representations. Most pallets are designed for users with red-green blindness. The interior of 3D structures can also be made visible with semi-transparent isosurfaces or through sectional planes.


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