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The Democratization of CAE

100 years ago on February 6th in 1919, the first German National Assembly constituted in Weimar. This event is regarded as the birth of German democracy and was a big leap forward from decision making by a few to making participation and cooperation accessible to all people.

The process of democratization in CAE-based product development should mean to make analysis tools and results accessible not only to analysts and advanced simulation experts but to all engineers involved in the development process.

So, how can you capture and reuse CAE expertise so it is accessible? How is it possible to embed such knowledge into a reusable template, extending simulation capability throughout the product development team?

optiSLang provides an interface to almost any software tool used in the virtual product development process (VPDP). The software fulfills the requirements to run in batch and drive parameter variations. The coupling with optiSLang can be automated either in a single solver process chain or in very complex multi-disciplinary and multi-domain workflows. Even performance maps and their appraisal can be part of standardized projects. optiSLang provides direct access to the parametric modeling of CAE or programming environments like ANSYS ABAQUS, ADAMS, COMSOL, EXCEL, FLOEFD, GT POWER, MATLAB, LS DYNA, MOTOR CAD, NASTRAN, PYTHON, ROCKY, SIEMENS NX, ZEMAX and many more. It allows users to combine several tools in sequences and iteration loops. For a constant workflow control, it robustly handles failed designs due to missing licenses, geometries unable to be meshed or any other inconsistency. All workflows can be stored as reusable templates and made available for the entire VPDP team. Of course, the support of different platforms, i.e. Windows, Linux and HPC as well as Cloud computing is provided.

Thus, the entire development team benefits by capturing the knowledge of each participating member. Every template is a version-controlled building block. It can be used in a modular and flexible way within adaptive projects. While each expert delivers quality assured sub-modules, the whole process becomes standardized. Used tools, algorithms and internal processes can be improved or changed while the entire PDP is stable and benefits from sub-upgrades.

In this way, optiSLang enables collaborative, flexible and standardized work for efficient, future oriented teamwork in VPDP.

Practical Application and Customer Stories
Daimler AG >>
Mubea Fahrwerksfedern GmbH >>

Learn more about optiSLang at the Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2019 >>


optiSLang is sold worldwide. A list of our distributors can be found here.

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