CAE-Process Integration

Interactive process automation and integration as well as access to best possible parametric simulation models are the key for successful CAE - based parametric studies. In optiSLang, this procedure is guided and supported by wizards and default settings.

CAE-Process Integration

optiSLang supports the interfacing to any software tool used in virtual product development which can be externally called. Interfacing is either offered by text file based or pre-defined tool integrations. Nowadays, more than 100 different CAx/PLM software solutions are coupled with optiSLang. The new generation of optiSLang gives access to:

  • CAD (Catia, Nx, Creo, Solidworks …)
  • CAE (ANSYS, Abaqus, AMESim …)
  • MS Excel, Matlab, Python …
  • PLM (EKM, Teamcenter, Subversion ...)
  • In-house solver

Different parametric environments can be collected and combined to one automatized parametric workflow for simulation driven product development.

Interfaces, Automation and Extensibility

optiSLang provides Python, C++ and command line interfaces to allow the automatic creation, modification, execution and remote control of projects within optiSLang or from external tool integrations. As a consequence, the usage within custom applications is secured and optiSLang projects can be integrated into customized platforms. Repetitive and pervasive tasks can be standardized and automatized.

The openness of optiSLang also enables users to plug:

  • Algorithms for DOE, Optimization, Robustness etc.
  • Meta-models
  • Tool integrations
  • Database connections

Current requirements for flexibility and upcoming requests for extensibility are satisfied by those interfaces. Therefore, optiSLang is the platform to address future needs of parametric and simulation driven virtual product development.

Definition of
CAx Workflows

The graphical user interface supports the workflow approach visually by single building blocks and algorithms which are graphically coupled in order to show dependencies and scheduling. The relationships can be determined and controlled in one context. Easily understandable charts as well as control panels are displayed at the same time. This enables full access and traceability of the complete workflow.

The user can connect any complex simulation process of CAE solvers, pre- and postprocessors in heterogeneous networks or clusters. They are automatized either in a single solver process chain or in very complex multidisciplinary / multidomain flows. Even performance maps and their appraisal can be part of standardized projects.

Integration of optiSLang into
CAE modeling environments

The modular structure of optiSLang supports the direct integration of its modules into standard parametric modeling environments. This framework allows the seamless integration of optiSLang into, e.g., ANSYS Workbench/AIM, Excel or SimulationX. Here, users do not have to leave their parametric modeling environment and can access optiSLang modules through a minimum of user input.


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