ANSYS optiSLang

ANSYS Workbench provides leading technology for parametric and persistent CAD and CAE modeling for simulation driven product development. optiSLang focuses on efficiency and automation of RDO methods for complex non-linear analysis models with many parameters, including stochastic variables. This includes robust handling of design failures and solver noise.

ANSYS optiSLang offers several modes of interoperability

  • using the optiSLang Workbench plugin to expose optiSLang technology within the ANSYS Workbench GUI
  • using text file based interfacing between ANSYS and optiSLang
  • using parametric ANSYS Workbench models with the optiSLang GUI with the help of the optiSLang ANSYS Workbench integration node

The optiSLang Workbench Plugin toolbox includes modules for sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation that can easily be dragged and dropped onto the desktop to form an interactive process chain.

A best practice workflow management wizard chooses, accordingly to the different modules of sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation, an optimal solution strategy with default algorithm settings, minimizing the user input required to define the variation space and objectives.

optiSLang Workbench Plugin - General Features

  • Automatic identification of important parameters during sensitivity analysis
  • Automatic buildup of best possible regression functions (meta models) having  best possible forecast quality to response variation in a given sample set 
  • Multidisciplinary and multiobjective optimization
  • Robustness evaluation
  • Reduction of the number of CAE solver runs by optiSLang’s minimalist philosophy
  • Design for large numbers of parameters and non-linear RDO tasks
  • Predefinition of insightful and efficient result post-processing module

In addition, ANSYS optiSLang provides

  • Flexible text based interfacing tools that can connect ANSYS products, or any scriptable products, that may be part of your engineering process
  • Interfacing between optiSLang GUI and parametric  ANSYS Workbench models via optiSLang’s ANSYS Workbench integration node
  • Easy switching from Workbench integrated to interfacing mode at any time
  • Full functionality, including support for parameters and responses not extractable or integrated in ANSYS Workbench, e.g. non-scalable responses such as load displacement curves
  • Flexible inclution of 3rd party solvers, along with ANSYS technology, in the process chain

Current Version 6.2.0

  • Selection of generated data (e.g. pictures) to be copied into the optiSLang design directory
  • Filtering of the message log with specification of log level (info, warning, error)
  • Embedding of optiSLang options in ANSYS preferences
  • New Signal-Processing-Component of the optiSLang Workbench Plugin as postprocessor for e.g. vectors, signals, matrices via result extraction (e.g. rst-, rth-, txt-files)

Video Tutorials

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Robustness Evaluation

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optiSLang and ANSYS Workbench

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