multiPlas for ANSYS Mechanical

Dynardo has developed a material model collection for ANSYS mechanical, called multiPlas, which has been frequently applied in consulting services. In civil engineering and geotechnical applications, multiPlas enables the modeling of complex behavior by using powerful material models.


multiPlas allows you to analyze the stability and serviceability of structures regarding, for example the formation of cracks and load shifting. Due to this realistic simulation, additional load bearing capacities can often be explored.

multiPlas supports material modeling for concrete, steel and  fibre reinforced concrete, UHPC, ceramics, steel, masonry, jointed rock, soil, sand, timber, mortar and stone. The FE-programming is characterized by an efficient and high-performance algorithm for processing single and multi-surface plasticity. A special feature of the material models is the easy combination of several flow conditions and failure modes along with hardening or softening criteria.

Since ANSYS v17, multiPlas is owned by ANSYS Inc. The material models are available in the Geomechanical Toolbox of regular ANSYS Mechanical versions. Dynardo continues to develop and distribute the standalone version offering material models that are currently not available in ANSYS mechanical.


Geomechanics and civil engineering address unique challenges to engineers. Dealing with heavy loads, enormous costs in the case of misconstruction as well as highly complex material behavior, there is just a small margin for errors.

The range of applications reaches from non-linear masonry over concrete calculations to limit load calculations of structures grounded in soil or rock.

Examples of application

  • Ground stability analysis for anchor or suction piles in the sea bed for the oil and gas industry
  • Nonlinear stability analysis of tunnel constructions
  • Simulations of construction foundations and in slope stability analysis
  • Simulation of the fire resistance of calcium silicate masonry walls
  • Analysis of cracking and load bearing capacities

Material models

  • Jointed rock softening material model
  • Combined Mohr-Coulomb-Rankine softening model for soils, e.g. sand
  • Generalized Cam-Clay model for soils, e.g. sand, clay
  • Modified Drucker-Prager model for concrete (plain, reinforced ,prestressed, fibre reinforced), mortar, ceramics, lightweight concrete, aerated concrete, roller compacted concrete, UHPC, sand-lime brick
  • Temperature dependent modified Drucker-Prager model (e.g. for fire loaded masonry, refractory materials)
  • Time dependent modified Drucker-Prager model (ageing, hydration)
  • Menétrey-William concrete model  for concrete (plain, reinforced, prestressed, fibre reinforced) UHPC, mortar
  • Combined Rankine and Drucker-Prager model for concrete
  • Masonry model with multi-linear and non-linear softening (Ganz)
  • Orthotropic boxed value model for timber
  • Combined non-linear isotropic (Voce Model) and  kinematic (Armstrong-Frederik) hardening model (e.g. for cyclic loading of Bauschinger-Effect)
  • Support of user defined material models within the framework of multi-surface plasticity


Using the material models in multiPlas the following phenomena can be accounted for:

  • Isotropic / anisotropic elasto plasticity
  • Associated / non associated plasticity, scattering of the dilation behavior
  • Hardening and softening, nonlinear stress and strain behavior
  • Residual strength, tearing
  • Deterioration
  • Temperature dependencies
  • Time dependent material properties of concrete


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