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The Extraction Tool Kit allows you a simple and convenient extraction and processing of simulation results for an optimization or stochastic analysis.


An automated and batchable extraction of response variables and their processing to meaningful results is often associated with extensive programming. To minimize your time and effort in setting up a CAE process chain, Dynardo has developed the GUI-based Extraction Tool Kit (ETK). With ETK, you can easily extract any result values and continue to process them in optiSLang.

Current version 2.2

  • added support for Abaqus 6.14
  • Abaqus: extended functionality to extract history output variables
  • added support for ANSYS 15
  • ANSYS: added suppport for the result extraction of modal analyses
  • added several additions and enhancements to calculator module


  • Batchable extraction of response parameters
  • Export of ASCII, Excel, CSV
  • Scalar, vector operations and signal processing
  • Mathematical basic functionality
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Linear algebra
  • Signal functions
  • Macro defnition
  • Interface et al. to ADAMS, ABAQUS, ANSYS, MADYMO and general TEXT-Files
  • Interface to optiSLang for result export
  • Boolean operations and conditions

Costumer Benefit

ETK has a GUI mode for result definition and it provides mathematical functions for the processing of scalar result variables, vectors or signals. To introduce the extracted result values into optiSLang, it is possible to generate all necessary files including ASCII output files and optiSLang XML task definition files. When ETK runs in the CAE process, a batch mode for automatic extractions is available.


  • ADAMS / Adams result files (.res, .xml)
  • ABAQUS / Abaqus odb files (.odb)
  • ANSYS / Ansys result files (.rst, .rmg, .rth, .rfl)
  • MADYMO / classically formated MAD files (non HDF5)
  • ASCII files

Video Tutorial ETK


ETK is sold worldwide. A list of our distributors can be found here.

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