Multidisciplinary Optimization

optiSLang provides powerful optimization algorithms and automated workflows for an efficient determination of optimal design parameters regarding various multidisciplinary, nonlinear and multicriteria optimization tasks.

Best Practice

  • Identification of the most relevant input parameters and response values with the help of sensitivity analysis and MOP
  • Pre-optimization of parameter sets and studying possible objective conflicts using the MOP approximation
  • Optimization wizard for automatic selection of suitable algorithms for optimization
  • Easy definition of parameter ranges, single and multiple objectives and constraints


  • Gradient-based methods (NLPQL)
  • Nature-inspired Optimization Algorithms (NOA) for single and multiobjective optimization
  • Adaptive Response Surface Method (ARSM)
  • Customized optimization algorithms

Postprocessing & Visualization

  • Interactive postprocessing adapted to the optimization algorithm
  • Fast investigation of optimization performance using different visualization options
  • Parallel coordinate plots and cluster analysis for selection of best design candidates
  • Selection of individual designs and easy visualization of nonscalar results as time-series, 3D-field data, automated animation
  • Objective history plot for single objectives, 2D and 3D Pareto plots for multiple objectives


optiSLang is sold worldwide. A list of our distributors can be found here.

Your contact person

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Will

Fon: +49 (0) 3643 9008-30
Fax: +49 (0) 3643 9008-39

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