With our RDO-Journal, we would like to inform the user about selected case studies and general information in the fields of CAE-based Robust Design Optimization (RDO) and stochastic analysis. If you are interested in a free subscription to the current download and/or the current printed copy, please order with specification of your contact details here.


  • Title Story // Machine Learning
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applied in Computer Aided Engineering
  • Case Study // Electrical Engineering
    Multi-Criteria Electric Machine Design with MOP-Based Pareto Optimization
  • Research & Development // Aerospace Industry
    Modeling Test Rigs for Airplane High-Lift Systems by Data-Based Models
  • Customer Story // Automotive Engineering
    Optimization of an Actuator Magnetic Force with optiSLang
  • Case Study // Turbo Machinery
    Multidisciplinary Optimization of a Civil Turbofan Jet Engine
  • Customer Story // Automotive Engineering
    Safety Assessment of Automated Driver Assistance Systems
  • Customer Story // Automotive Engineering
    optiSLang in the Functional Development of Hydraulic Valves




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