Brake Applications

S. Wolff, J. Will (Dynardo GmbH), O. Stump (DAIMLER AG),
A workflow to create a database for implementing Measured geometric imperfections of brake pad Geometry into cae-based robustness evaluations of Brake squeal noise
Eurobrake 2018
St. Baksi (ZF TRW Automotive)
Design optimization and robustness of a passenger car brake rotor
13. Weimarer Optimierungs- und Stochastiktage 2016
St. Kemmler (Universität Stuttgart)
Application of a functional adaptive simulation model for the robust product-optimization using the example of an adjuster unit for commercial vehicle braking systems
12. Weimarer Optimierungs- und Stochastiktage 2015
M. Dazer (Universität Stuttgart)
Stochastic simulation approach for realistic lifetime forecast and assurance of commercial vehicle braking systems
12. Weimarer Optimierungs- und Stochastiktage 2015
R. Nunes (Daimler AG)
Use of Random Fields to characterize brake pad surface uncertainties
12. Weimarer Optimierungs- und Stochastiktage 2015
J. Will (Dynardo GmbH)
CAE-based Robustness Evaluation of Brake Systems
SAE Conference 2015
R. Nunes (Daimler AG), Ch. Büttner (Altair Engineering GmbH)
Sensitivity of brake squealing concerning scattered component, joint and bearing properties
10. Weimarer Optimierungs- und Stochastiktage 2013
Johannes Will (Dynardo GmbH)
Virtual Robustness Evaluation Of Brake Sytems as Base for a Robust Design Pocess and as Part of the Quality Control in the Early Stage of the Design Process
EUROBRAKE 2013, Dresden
M. Moosrainer (CADFEM GmbH)
Brakes without squeal
RDO-Journal 1_2012
Hans Giese (TRW Automotive/Lucas Varity GmbH)
Dynamic boundary samples for robust NVH design using smart simulation methods
8. Weimarer Optimierungs- und Stochastiktage 2011
Ronaldo Nunes (Daimler AG), Johannes Will, Veit Bayer, Karthik Chittepu (DYNARDO GmbH)
Robustness evaluation of brake systems concerned to squeal noise problem
6th Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2009

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