Connecting theory with practice - via on site pilot project

Approved as a practical introduction to the methods and applications of variation analyses, we offer you a pilot project directly conducted at your business location. Thus, you have the possibility to apply the software on your specific project. An expert from Dynardo will be at your disposal as a personal advisor at any time.

Typical tasks for a pilot project are:

  • Analysis of measurement data and evaluation of process parameters
  • Development of an automated project workflow (including solver integration)
  • Calibration of measurement and simulation
  • Variation study and meta modeling for the analysis of the simulation objective and for the reduction of model errors (geometry, mesh, solver ...)
  • Single and multi-objective optimization
  • Evaluation of tolerances and design robustness

A pilot project includes the following services:

  • Project-specific two to three day training at your business location
  • Two optiSLang licenses for three months
  • Project support via web meetings

During the web meetings, strategies for the parameterization, the definition of objectives and constraints as well as for the result extraction will be discussed. The result evaluation and the planning of the next steps towards a robust design will complete the mutual pilot project.

The gained knowledge can later be used as a solid basis for further applications of CAE-based Robust Design Optimization (RDO) in your company.

With our experience from more than 100 pilot projects, we would like to continue supporting your team in further applications of optiSLang.

Here you will find examples of past pilot projects:

Robust multi-objective optimization of a radial compressor impeller
Variation analysis of brake pads
Optimization of material laser ablation
Tolerance analysis on a relayParameter identification of a elastomer rubber boot

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