Info Day: Statistics on Structures - SoS

This info event provides you with an overview of random fields and field metamodels and their practical application. The use of SoS during a robustness evaluation will be demonstrated by examples.

Engineering structures or parts are naturally subjected to random scatter: manufacturing tolerances cause random structural properties, random loads cause scatter of stresses and strains. Typically, such scatter cannot be characterized by single parameters, but it is rather spatially distributed on the structure. Analysis of the spatial characteristics of scatter and of the statistical relations of the spatial distribution to the random input parameters gives important insight to the robustness of the structure and enables the proof of product quality and fulfillment of code requirements within the product development process.

Statistics on Structures (SoS) is a tool for visualization, analysis and assessment of spatially random properties of structures as well as the analysis of the nonlinear correlations between the inputs and the results of a simulated system with random properties.


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Please register not later than 7 days prior to the event date.

1 pm - 5 pm

The event is free of charge.

The info event “Master of Design" - RDO in virtual product development (info) is part of this info day. It will be possible to visit both events one after the other. The presentation will be given in either English or German, depending on demand.