Airplane impact analysis regarding reinforced concrete structures

To simulate an airplane impact at concrete structures realistically, a close to reality modeling of loading and structural resistance is of crucial importance. Dynardo can prove the correlation of the global loading sufficiently using RIERA evaluations. A realistic simulation of the airplane impact can be generated. The modeling is done with ANSYS. The highly non-linear analysis is conducted with LS-DYNA. optiSLang is used for parameter identification and calibration.

The loading is modeled with global force versus time curves derived by RIERA or with simulating the airplane impact itself. The FE airplane model is discretized with shell elements and verified with global characteristics of mass distribution, plastic strength, buckling loads or tearing forces of the wings and turbines. The reinforced concrete structure is modeled with volume (concrete) and shells (reinforcement). For all materials, suitable non-linear models including damage and erosion are used and verified with material tests.