Sensitivity analysis and robustness evaluation at Nokia

The robustness of mobile electronic devices towards impacts is a standard requirement which is verified in drop tests. Here, CAE methods and optiSLang are used to accelerate and to optimize the entire development process.

In case of drop test simulations, it is an important task to assess the quality of simulation models and the effects of different input parameters on results. Strong non-linearities (contact, material, geometric) and a large number of parameters involved make sensitivity studies even more difficult. This can be handled by conducting a robustness evaluation of the simulation models with optiSLang.


Ptchelintsev, A.; Grewolls, G.; Will, J.; Theman, M.:
Applying Sensitivity Analysis and Robustness Evaluation in Virtual Prototyping on Product Level using optiSLang
2010 SIMULA Customer Conference