Stability analysis of a masonry bridge

Built in 1850, with a length of approx. 600 m and a height of approx. 100 m, the Göltzschtalbrücke is the largest brick masonry construction in the world. Dynardo was the first capable of providing a stability analysis using elasto-plastic load-history calculations. A very detailed 3D geometry model was developed including different materials and their locations. Also, wind, temperature and service loads were accurately evaluated.

A 3-dimensional CAD-Model with detailed modeling of the different volumes of used natural stones (granite, sandstone) and masonry was created. For the elastic-plastic masonry behaviour, a very sophisticated material model (GANZ, Swiss masonry norm) was implemented in ANSYS. 

By a non-linear load history analysis, the resistance against dead load, wind, temperature and service loads were calculated. With an extra load step in the load history analysis, a sufficient large safety factor was proven.


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