Stability analysis of historical bridges

The stress state of historical arch bridges is mainly influenced by load relocations. Showing crack building, the bridge adapts to stress, which endangers its stability. With the help of realistic, non-linear material models and powerful simulation software, such as ANSYS or LS-DYNA, Dynardo conducted precise assessments of serviceability. The analysis is basis for economic evaluations regarding necessary restorations and safeguarding measures.

Dynardo's software multiPlas provides elasto-plastic material models specifically for masonry, concrete, rock, steel, soil and sand / gravel. Thus, load redistribution and cracking evolution in the structure can be realistically tracked and analyzed.

The detailed modeling of arch bridges allows the consideration of different masonry areas and constructional changes of preceding restorations. The combination of a 3D finite element model with the use of nonlinear material models permits a realistic determination of the load flow affected by relocations and cracks. Dynardo can recalculate damage cases and identify damage mechanisms plausibly. The analysis is basis for economic actions regarding necessary restorations.


Schlegel, R.; Will, J.; Popp, J.:
Neue Wege zur realistischen Standsicherheitsbewertung gemauerter Brückenviadukte und Gewölbe unter Berücksichtigung der Normung mit ANSYS
21st CADFEM Users' Meeting 2003, International Congress on FEM Technology, Potsdam, Germany, 2003