Robustness evaluation of driving comfort

At Daimler AG, finite element full vehicle models are used during the development process for evaluation and optimization of the driving comfort behaviour. Perceptible vibrations as well as acoustic comfort are considered. Here, robust dimensioning means to design a vehicle being insensitive as much as possible to existing scatter. In order to ensure robustness,  the influence of existing scatters has to take into account by means of stochastic calculation methods.

Dynardo conducted robustness evaluations for important driving comfort load cases regarding scattering bearing characteristics and scattering sheet thicknesses. It could be identified that only a few variables were dominating the correlation and variation structures showing just a little nonlinearities. The robustness evaluations were calculated with optiSLang and the comfort load cases with NASTRAN.

If too high maximum values are detected because of scatter, for example, the admissible tolerances of single input variables can be specifically limited or the mean values of the input variables can be shifted.