Customized FE/CAE-solutions for your analysis tasks and Robust Design Optimizations.

Dynardo has expertise in various industrial fields, such as realistic safety and reliability analysis, proper assessment of material behavior, prediction of failure evolution, design optimization or simulation of disaster damage scenarios.

For this purpose, the CAE-based Robust Design Optimization with optiSLang provides efficient sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation using stochastic methodology. Beside optiSLang, we are also experienced to use several other numerical computation programs such as ANSYS, LS-DYNA or SLang. In civil engineering and geomechanics, optiSLang combined with multiPlas and ANSYS is used for the simulation of thermal-hydraulic-mechanical interactions.

Automotive Engineering

  • Stiffness, strength and NVH optimization of lightweight structures (CFRP, aluminum, etc.) for optimization tasks with many design variables
  • Robustness evaluation of forming processes
  • NVH optimization of driving comfort
  • Numerical prediction of friction induced vibrations for noise reduction of brake systems
  • Robustness evaluation of crashworthiness

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    Civil Engineering & Geomechanics

    • Calculation and development services for the verification of stability and serviceability of structures with the help of FE (Finite Element) analysis
    • Development and calibration of efficient simulation models for optimization and robustness evaluation of supporting structures
    • Development, calibration and implementation of innovative special material models in ANSYS and multiPlas
    • Simulation of shock processes within supporting structures
    • Thermal-hydraulic-mechanical coupled FE analysis for the simulation of interactions in rock formations (ANSYS/ multiPlas/optiSLang, simulator for hydraulic fracturing)
    • Virtual product development and optimization of materials and components

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      Mechanical and Process Engineering

      • Static and dynamic finite element calculations
      • Parameter identification
      • Calibration of finite element models
      • Linear and nonlinear stability analysis
      • Thermo-mechanical analysis
      • Calculation of fatigue strength
      • Prediction of failure evolution

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        Energy Technology

        • Static und dynamic FE-calculations
        • Foundation analysis for wind power plants
        • Calculations to optimize the gas production and geothermal power plants

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          Consumer Goods Industry

          • Sensitivity analysis, robustness evaluation, design optimization and reliability analysis for the virtual development of a variety of products
          • Simulation and calculation of drop tests and shock processes

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            Aerospace Industry

            • Non-linear dynamic analysis
            • Simulation of random vibrations
            • Simulation of stress, stability and fatigue analysis
            • Robustness evaluation

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              Biomechanics & Medical Science

              • Optimization of material parameters for implants
              • Simulation and calculation of processes for patient-specific fracture treatment
              • Optimization of stent systems

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                Electrical Engineering

                • Simulation of high-frequency electromagnetism for optimizing the signal transmission
                • Sensitivity stress analysis of electronic components in the automotive industry
                • Simulation of the acoustic behavior of electrical drives

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                  Process Simulation

                  • Analyses of necessary discretization niveau to calibrate the simulation model for sufficient prognosis quality
                  • Determination of relevant, sensitive process parameter to ensure necessary product quality (especially for dimensioning-relevant components)

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