Dynardo sees itself not only as an employer in a social responsibility. Also, apart from business, we contribute to promote sustainable national and international care and development projects.

Tadra Project

Since 2005, Dynardo has been financially supporting the Tadra Project. It was founded on December 9, 1995 by Dr. L. Palden Tawo, his wife and Mr. Yeshe Gonpo Khaser from Switzerland and some German friends. The aim is to improve both the terrible circumstances of the orphans and abandoned children in Eastern Tibet and the utterly unsatisfactory education and health systems.



Dynardo supports the "Kindertageteam" projects, e.g. the children's care fund, of the Evangelical Lutheran parish in Weimar. Since 1992, the team has been organizing and funding projects for children and young people as an offer for creative life and personality development. The team also promotes an active social exchange between parents, children and the community.


Chess-Workshop of "Luis Fürnberg" primary school in Weimar

Since 2010, the Dynardo employee Daniel Haase has been managing the chess workshop as an after school activity initiated by the "Luis Fürnberg" primary school. The workshop is very popular among the pupils and good rankings were already achieved at national tournaments. Dynardo supports the team by sponsoring the trophies and tournament expenses. Also, new concepts of learning chess are applied, such as, for concentration exercise, the training is combined with music.

Thüringer Schulschachmeisterschaft 2017 WK Grundschulen


UNICEF greeting cards

For over 60 years, UNICEF greeting cards have been providing sustainable aid to children. 75 percent of the price is donated to UNICEF's global work to promote education, health and child protection programs in about 150 countries. Dynardo uses exclusively the UNICEF-card collection for greeting cards to our customers.

Unicef Greeting Cards

Children's Fund Lakshmi Project

The Lakshmi-Project e.V. was founded 10 years ago. We support a children's house for about 30 orphans in Bangalore (India). With our help, the children were able to move from a barrack camp into a house, ensure their basic care and pay their school fees. Meanwhile, some children have even been able to study.


Route sponsorship for the climbing center in Weimar

For children with a passion for climbing, Dynardo supports the climbing center in Weimar with a sponsorship to set up and maintain a climbing wall.